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Written by Hans Summers   
Monday, 25 May 2009 02:57

Again three reports, from the usual suspects Peter DF3LP, Peter DL6NL and Heinz OE5EEP.

This one from Heinz OE5EEP, 01-Apr-04 17:30 is on the same timescale as yesterday's, and shows that unfortunately the freqeuncy instability (chirp) on key-down is still there, despite all my efforts with the power supply, buffers and so on! Another problem is that the staircase shows a discontinuity between step 7 and step 8, which are almost at the same height (I think this has always been a problem, see earlier screenshots). On the plus side, it does show that the staircase height has been successfully reduced back to 20Hz.

Peter DL6NL sent several screenshots from near Munich, this one is on a 20 second tick timescale and also shows the chirp very clearly. This screenshot was taken after I had changed to using a totally separate Power Supply (follow link) to power the oscillator's regulator, and the usual ex-PC power supply for the controller. This rules out any suspected problem with power supply instability.

The staircase under the microscope: the trace shown at the right from Peter DL6NL shows the staircase on an expanded frequency scale. You can see the two steps almost joined together at 987Hz offset.

Peter DF3LP didn't sent any screenshots today but also confirmed reception and that the chirp is still there. ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH....

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